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Resources - tumblr - Agents

I know #tumblr is out of style with a lot of people, but I still find it a valuable resource for #writers. 1. because there are still writers and #agents on there that answer questions and give #advice, and 2. because there are tons of places that give #writingprompts and advice.

In alphabetical order by last name*

  1. Jennifer Laughran You’ll also see Jennifer in the podcast section. On her Tumblr, she answers almost any question you can throw at her about publishing. Her particular area is kidlit, so any questions should probably pertain to that side. (She also has a blog that she no longer updates, but is still a wealth of information

  2. Thao Le She often just posts feel good things and stuff from her clients, but she does answer questions in her inbox about her as an agent and publishing in general.

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